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US intervention in Congo deal highlights need for China to secure mineral cooperation

The Manila Times 11 Jul 2024
Against this backdrop, Congo's abundant mineral resources have attracted the attention of many major countries ... Its actions not only squeeze the overseas development of Chinese companies but also infringe upon Congo's right to independent development.

Away from global attention, Sudan is starving

Al Jazeera 04 Jul 2024
In fact, Sudan is hardly the only forgotten crisis of our day ... However, when the international community looks away, moves on from, or “forgets” a crisis or conflict in Sudan, Syria, Congo or elsewhere, that crisis does not go away.

Here’s how the Soviet legacy in Africa is paving the way for the multipolar world

Russia Today 03 Jul 2024
The president of the Republic of the Congo recently paid a state visit to Moscow ... In fact, ... The fact that the president of the Republic of the Congo came to Russia on a state visit is not surprising.

Your EV questions answered: Are electric cars produced ethically and sustainably?

The Irish Times 25 Jun 2024
Helping to separate electric vehicle myths from facts, we’re here to answer all your EV questions. Miners in the Congo.

Africa must grow at double-digit for 10 to 20 years before millions are taken out ...

Ghana Business News 18 Jun 2024
(In fact, Ghana also defaulted) ... You know, in fact, if you take a look at Africa today, that Congo Basin that you’re talking about just now is the second only to the Amazon in terms of the carbon lungs for the world.

The death of Ardi Ndembo: was a fatal boxing fight preventable?

Yahoo Daily News 05 Jun 2024
Over dinner they would discuss the differences between America and Ndembo’s home country, Congo ... The facts – which show systemic failures at multiple levels of the sport – follow ... In fact, I don’t understand how it has gone on this long.”.

Moscow says French instructors in Ukraine 'legitimate targets' for Russian armed forces

Anadolu Agency 04 Jun 2024
Commenting on media reports claiming the first group of French officers may arrive in Ukraine this week, Lavrov said there are a lot of facts confirming that the French servicemen have been working in Ukraine for some time.

World Bank asks countries to prioritize water sector budget

Antara News 19 May 2024
"In fact, there are countries like the Democratic Republic of the Congo, which spend only 2 to 3 percent of their annual budget on water ... "So, just to summarize in terms of where we are we have huge gaps in this sector in terms of financing.

'Is That A Joke?': Sky News Presenter Roasts Tory Minister Over £4m Funding Announcement

Huffington Post 15 May 2024
Good of you to clarify that the £4 million announced today is not in fact additional.”. Philp was mocked last month after he asked whether Rwanda and Congo were different countries during an appearance on Question Time.

With measles on the rise, rebuilding trust in vaccines is a must

Al Jazeera 10 May 2024
Over recent months, other national Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies have been supporting vaccination campaigns in The Philippines, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Burkina Faso, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Guinea.

No, this photo isn’t proof that a UN vehicle was carrying mineral resources from the DRC

The Observers 29 Apr 2024
The fact check, in detail ... However, the photo is a few years old – it is from October 7, 2018, according to fact checking outlet Congo Check. Congo Check interviewed MONUSCO representatives back in 2018.

Stupid is as stupid does — c’mon people!

Nashville Pride 26 Apr 2024
He said people from Congo are diseased and a bunch of criminals ... Leopold coveted the Congo, during which time he caused the deaths of as many as ten million Congolese and walked away with $1 billion ... Ever heard of the Belgian Congo and Leopoldville?.

The UK Again Attempts to Bend Truth on Rwanda

Human Rights Watch 23 Apr 2024
Mitchell also failed to mention Rwanda’s involvement in one of the largest displacement crises on the continent in neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo, by backing the abusive M23 armed group that has committed widespread atrocities.

‘I’m not afraid of anybody now’: the woman who revealed links between National Trust houses and slavery – and was vilified

The Observer 21 Apr 2024
... out.” She balances out that knowledge with the fact that her son, through his Venezuelan father, “is descended from Africans who were transported from Benin and the Congo by European slave traders”.

The Truth of the Rwanda Genocide: RPF the New Instrument for African Imperial Conquest

GlobalResearch 13 Apr 2024
Say that – to realize, in fact, what 1994 was, it was the reconquest of power by a minority who had run a feudal state under Belgian colonialism until 1959 ... We published a book, in fact, by one man whose family walked across the Congo on foot.